A Silentio – Claire Laude

A Silentio
Exhibition, Book Presentation, and Workshop with Claire Laude coming in March 2022 at PHĒNO.
How is it that villages (entirely or in part) have come to be abandoned or bit by bit left to fall into ruin? What is today’s attitude when it comes to conservation and heritage? How can we envisage the loss of traditions, the disappearance of one, the decline of another, and the danger for a species linked to it?
The book is the result of one year of work between Claire Laude – artist and architect, and Essarter Éditions – publisher specialised in photography and literature. It brings together two of Claire’s photographic projects: Murs d’eau, voiles de pierres, produced during an Italian art residency SÅM, in Lessina (2019), and Les Printemps Silencieux produced during a second art residency Kinono, on Tinos Island, in Greece (2020).
These two photographic series, although different in many respects are linked by a text that puts into words what connects them: the way we perceive traditional architecture, the idea of immaterial heritage, and how to carry its memory, traces, and inscriptions left by Man in rural landscapes and the interpretation we can make of them.
Throughout the book, parallels are drawn and reflect the political, economic, social, and cultural context of both countries.
Claire Laude is a French photographer and architect. She lives in Berlin since 1997. Her work, between photography and installation, questions the images we perceive in places through their memory and their history.  “I choose transformed, disappearing or forgotten sites, for example the city of Königsberg/Kaliningrad or an abandoned military reserve. Their redevelopment, reconstruction, destruction and/or appropriation are the focus of my research.” Claire Laude is a co-founder and member of the photographer and exhibition’ space collective exp12/ exposure twelve.
A Silentio is available for pre-order https://www.kisskissbankbank.com/en/projects/a-silentio… with only a few copies left!
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